Associative project "Assure Moi Un Projet"

Agora Search is involved in the associative project "Assure Moi Un Projet" to train the brokers of tomorrow!

The AMUP association "Assure moi un projet" was born out of the desire to promote the insurance sector and to give access to the brokerage professions to those who are furthest from it.

The association, chaired by Jérémy Sebag, director of the SPVIE brokerage group and president of CSCA d’Ile de France et Ouest, can count on the support of the CSCA, Ifpass, Pôle Emploi and Agefos PME.

With its expertise in recruitment in the insurance field, Agora Search responded favorably and volunteered for this project.

The Agora Search team orchestrated and participated in the selection of the 22 candidates who joined the work-study training course in September 2018.

"The selection is not based on diplomas or skills, but solely on motivation and professional project," says Jérémy Sebag. At the end of the training (398 hours of operational preparation for the functions of managers, technical sales representatives and account managers) and the obtaining of the "professional capacity of the insurance brokerage professions", companies, such as Theoreme, Ovatio, SATEC, Gras Savoye, S2H have committed themselves to the association to welcome trainees, of the 1st promotion, sponsored by Roger Belot, former CEO of MAIF.

This first test year, focused on brokerage, should open next year to the insurance sector in the broadest sense.

To make the project sustainable, the association needs the support of other companies to integrate trainees into their teams and of partners like us to organize the next promotions.

Moreover, we will be present at the next one, because "it is a real human experience, enriching and innovative in our sector. It challenges the codes and responds to a real problem in the search for talent in a tense and penurious sector," said Karine Devies, Partner of Agora Search, with enthusiasm.

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