Candidate testimonials: taking up a position during lockdown

Taking up a position during lockdown: an unprecedented moment as the basis for a successful integration!

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Yann*, Expert règlement grands comptes

"My concern when lockdown started was to know if it would jeopardize my arrival at my new employer, even though I had already resigned. Fortunately, I was quickly reassured and I was able to start on the scheduled date.

After a quick visit to the (empty) offices for an unusual but nevertheless very friendly welcome, I picked up a laptop before returning home to discover my new company, its tools, its codes, with my dog as a sole companion. 

Very quickly, I received many welcome messages as well as a photo montage. Then the calls, conference calls and visios started, allowing me to create this essential link to any professional relationship. 

I am now looking forward to "physically" meeting my colleagues who, by their kindness, will allow me to keep a pleasant memory of this unprecedented situation."

Isabelle*, Secrétaire Générale dans le Conseil

"On February 26, I signed a promise of employment to take up my position on March 16, without knowing that this would be the first day of the lockdown. I took possession of my equipment on the 16th in the morning and at 2pm I attended my first Executive Committee meeting by videoconference from my living room. 

I am working 100% remotely and I interact daily with people I have never met. I only know their profile picture on Teams and their voice. 

I admit that it is a very particular integration, but this situation also has advantages: approaching the company, management, collaboration in this context is unique and I think I live moments related to crisis management that I would never have lived in normal time. 

Paradoxically, I would say that the crisis acts as a gas pedal of integration."

*Testimonies collected in May 2020

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