Agora Search in the press: "Thinking of the company as a whole"

Member of the international Penhryn network - 45 executive search offices worldwide - the French firm celebrates its 40th anniversary this year

Article: "Interview with its President, Luce Nordon. 

What sectors do you recruit for?

Our firm is multi-specialist, with strong expertise in Technology and Innovation, Insurance, and a strong presence in Industry (FMCG, Retail, Luxury) and Services.

We carry out about 130 assignments per year and have been growing over the last 5 years with the development of new expertise in Innovation: digital, data, and products (especially organic and CSR).

One of the main assets of the firm is the quality of its consultants...

Certainly, Agora Search is composed of a team of senior employees, experts in their field with a wealth of experience in companies. Our search managers are experts in hunting and direct approach, some with operational experience in companies. 

Agora Search is distinguished by its positioning and claims to be a "boutique company"... 

Indeed, our mission is to accompany companies in building a sustainable, efficient and reliable organization. On the one hand by acting on the development of their existing resources, and on the other hand, by identifying and evaluating external resources that help increase of their performance. The "boutique company" spirit is truly our DNA.

We are recognized for our ability to establish a close relationship with our clients in an ethical, transparent and responsible manner. We develop lasting client and candidate relationships through a professional, demanding and human approach. In this spirit, our "human capital" department advises and accompanies organizations and individuals through targeted interventions in HR organization, managerial leadership, potential development or collective and individual coaching to encourage commitment.

Our signature - Think global, Act different - means that we believe that the company in its difference and its particularities, in its ecosystem and beyond. We are bold and agile in delivering a unique experience to clients and candidates.

As the head of Agora Search for the past 20 years, you are one of the few women to manage a search firm...

However, a little more gender diversity would give a more accurate reflection of society and of the challenges facing the companies we work with. Our firm is sensitive to this mix. We look for the best people for our clients while trying to promote women to management positions whenever possible.

What are the current expectations of companies when recruiting executives?

There are of course many! But an executive will always be asked to embody the company's values with strong managerial leadership, while being strategic, agile and operational. Our conversion rate of close to 100% proves that we know how to match these expectations with the reality of the market. 

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