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Executive search

Transforming recruitment into strategic opportunities
“Treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he can and should be, and he will become as he can and should be.”

The process of recruiting new employees is an opportunity to balance your workforce, consolidate your business culture and reimagine its direction, and keep the company flexible in an ever-changing world.

Your employee experience must be carefully planned from the beginning of the search process through onboarding.

How we provide support in this respect


  • Global strategic thinking that considers the unique needs and challenges of your company, including its ecosystem, market, customer expectations, business strategy, and technical and regulatory constraints,
  • Dedicated senior consultants with a wide range of skills and expertise in multiple sectors, assessed through many tests (STAR, Hogan, etc.), available to work on local or international projects,
  • Candidate sourcing through direct recruitment in our global database,
  • The Agora software system, where we share our benchmarks and outsourcing with our customers,
  • Qualified applicants with defined objectives who can hit the ground running,
  • One of the highest conversion rates on the market,
  • Systematic analysis of customer feedback on the quality of the recruitment process,
  • Specific candidate follow-up, providing support along a positive career path.

Talent Development

Transforming resources into valuable assets
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Commitment, image, agility, innovation, and growth: placing the employee experience at its center creates an HR strategy that adds value, for your company and for your workforce.

We will help you develop the talent that builds a shared and meaningful company culture, in step with changes in the market, in society, and in the expectations of your customers; an ambitious HR culture that unites and mobilizes people; a tailored yet flexible management style.

How we provide support in this respect


  • All our consultants are global experts in their fields with a wide range of different skills; our consultants, coaches, trainers, and facilitators can deliver effective and broad solutions,
  • Our consultants come from a wide variety of sectors and cultures, promoting diversity in our thinking that results in innovative and flexible solutions,
  • We also use a wide range of tools (e.g., Hogan, Success Insights, 360°) tailored to the particular issues your company faces.

Strategic Planning

Transforming HR strategy into a key lever in business strategy
“None of us knows on our own what we all know, together.”

In this tight employee marketplace, human resources are a key lever in your business strategy. Repositioning HR as a central force across your company—hiring the right people to differentiate you from your competitors; assessing the expertise and talents of your current workforce; and aligning your HR strategy with all your other strategies—will empower you to meet the challenges of the present and of the future.

How we provide support in this respect


  • Global expertise across the entire chain of transformation in the company,
  • 360° diagnostics and inclusive strategic recommendations,
  • Multi-sector consultants representing the benchmark in best practices, across many markets, sectors, and roles,
  • Working in “agora” that enables us to share the diversity of our insights and outsourcing with our customers,
  • Experience, particularly in terms of HR management, so we speak the same language as an EXCOM,
  • Multilingual operations, guaranteeing fluency and consistency across subsidiaries.